Happy News

  1. "I'd been renting for seven years and decided to buy a townhouse, but I had to overcome that fear factor. My Smart Women Buy Homes™ advisor was so helpful and walked me through the entire process. Buying my townhouse was a huge, huge accomplishment for me."
  2. "It was interesting getting to know you while you were helping me find one of my dreams–a home of my own. I admire your passion for helping out single women. You are capable of making a difference in our lives, and I want to thank you for that."
  3. "I want to thank you for your help. I feel great about being a homeowner, and had it not been for you, I don't think I would have been able to try again. Words can't express how much a difference the Smart Women Buy Homes™ program has made to me."
  4. "As a single 31-year-old school teacher, I didn't think I could afford my own home. My Smart Women Buy Homes™ advisor showed me how, starting by helping me check my credit scores, and getting pre-qualified for a mortgage. Now I have a place of my own in a secure, gated community. Every time I look around my home, I think, 'Wow, I did this'!"
  5. I've enjoyed working with you, and your great 'We can find it' attitude, despite all my doubts that I could find an affordable house in the Plano area, and find the type of home I wished to own. Thanks to your great knowledge of the residential real estate business, I now own my perfect-for-me home."
  6. "My Smart Women Buy Homes™ advisor was so helpful in my search for a home. She quickly assessed what style of home I was looking for and researched the properties before I visited so I didn't have to waste time viewing homes that did not suit my budget or my needs. I was involved in a very complex situation, and she handled all of the snags, relieving me of worry."
  7. "I saw a special on television about Smart Women Buy Homes™, and after seeing that show, I want to thank you on behalf of all women who never thought they could make it out there in this big scary world on their own, for leading them, and teaching them, and showing them the path. Just knowing that there are Smart Women Buy Homes™ advisors makes me feel a little less fearful of the unknown. I have been married for nearly 28 year and am now going through a divorce. I feel better just knowing that when the time comes for me to buy my home, on my own, you will be there to help me."
  8. "My Smart Women Buy Homes™ advisor was very patient with me. This was my first time buying a home on my own and I was nervous, clueless and needed guidance. She was there all the way."